Harro East Field House

Use our convenient form below to request a reservation for the Field House.
Please note this is a request and you will be contacted via phone to confirm your reservation.

Field House Rental Information

Field House Size: 38’x 81’
Field House Ceiling Height: 13’

Renting it for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, flag football drills, and nerf gun parties.


1-5 Hours: $85/hour
6-10 Hours: $75/hour
11+ Hours: $65/hour

Field House Rules

  1. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your selected rental time. Access to the field will be at the rented session time.
  2. NO food, beverages, or gum allowed on the floor.
  3. The renter is required to bring their own equipment; i.e. balls, bats, sticks.
  4. The renter is responsible for the conduct of the participants and cleans up after the session; please leave it as you found it.
  5. The renter is responsible for participants staying in the rented area.
  6. The renter is responsible for all damages caused by the participants.
  7. No outdoor cleats are allowed.
  8. The renter is responsible for the coordination of the session rented. If the renter cannot make the session rented, the renter will be charged for 50% of the rental fee.

Call Gabie at 585-546-1000 x216 for More Information!